Amber Nash - The Voice of Pam on FX's Archer  

  Matt Hogan - A. Artistic Director of Dad's Garage  

From deep in the heart of Georgia and Atlanta’s Dad's Garage Theatre, comes Big Ol’ Show! Starring Amber Nash (the voice of Pam Poovey in FX’s Archer) and Matt Horgan (Associate Artistic Director at Dad’s), Big Ol Show is a completely improvised antebellum tale of lust and love during the American Civil War! Marriages will be forbidden, bodices will be torn open, mint juleps will be sipped, mustaches twirled, cannons fired, and Yankees shot! It's like "Gone With The Wind", but three times as long.


To give the show an even greater ring of authenticity, Amber Nash is a Georgia native while Matt Horgan hails from Ohio. Their intense and natural-born hatred of one another fuels the improvised action on stage, usually to the point of incivility. Bless their hearts.

Front Porch Improv Theatre, 210 W Victory Drive, Savannah GA 31405

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