Comedy Fest, We Love You

Thank you, Savannah, for all the amazing support and love that you gave to our 2nd Annual Savannah Comedy Fest this weekend! Seriously, now that I've had 3 days to sleep, I'm ready to talk about it without being totally sentimental. Simply put, it was amazing to be able to bring some of our favorite groups in from all over the country to this beautiful city that we love so much. We had Improvised Vacation from Dad's Garage! In my controversial opinion, watching them improvise an entire disastrous vacation on stage is better than any National Lampoon's movie I've ever seen. Seriously, they are just fantastic. We had Potty in the USA! Stacia Marie Newcomb somehow managed to make poop jokes tas

My Journey to the Front Porch

I’ve been a performer for a very long time. My parents encouraged me to audition for the community production musical when I was just nine years old. Don’t worry – I got in! But that’s probably only because every person who auditioned got in. There were a LOT of people in the show. I immediately loved it. Being on stage in front of people was nerve-wracking, thrilling, and a total blast. But what I loved even more was being a part of an ensemble. The camaraderie that came with all being part of putting a show together was the best feeling I’d ever had. It felt like home! Even the weeks of tech rehearsals – something we in the theatre community often refer to as “hell week” because of the lon

Fun Things to Do in Savannah

I love to eat and I love to drink. But sometimes it's good to mix things up and do something that doesn't make you want to take a nap. Whenever friends come to town and want non touristy things to do, here's the list I give them: Make New Friends Every time a good friend of mine comes to town I make sure to visit a local gallery or contact a Savannah artist to see if we can stop by his or her studio for a quick hello. Savannah is known for its creative people, so meeting one is encouraged. Address: Various. Acoustic Tuesdays If you're in Savannah on a Tuesday night, go to Foxy Loxy for a backyard hangout that makes you feel like a local while also living your best life. It's relaxing, and th

Doing the Happy Dance

We are less than three weeks away from Savannah Comedy Fest and an improv comedy group that I hold in the highest of regards is coming to Savannah. I'm giddy with excitement. I wish I could take out a PSA and make every radio station play it. Centralia is so smart, creative and playful that everyone in Savannah must watch them. It would be the best kind of public service. Centralia is a revered improv group formed in New York City more fifteen years ago--or at least that when I first discovered them. In a Centralia show, anything can happen. It's exciting. It's a tad mind blowing. And it's hilarious. All-Star Improv with Centralia will be at the Savannah Comedy Fest on Saturday, January 27 a

Damn right! Best Comedy TV Shows of 2017

I took an informal poll within Front Porch Improv to see what were our favorite comedic television shows of 2017. These were the shows we couldn't stop talking about and wish we had created. Here are our favorites. We hope you'll check them out if you haven't yet. Top 6: Master of None, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Insecure, Big Mouth, The Good Place and Search Party. #comedy #television

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