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Front Porch Improv (FPI) is a high-quality, creative, progressive, and community-based improv comedy group in Savannah, GA. We currently have 25 company members, 80+ students, and regularly teach workshops for local non-profits, businesses, and schools. Savannah Magazine readers voted us the Best Comedy Group 2019. (Thanks, Savannah Magazine!) We believe that having fun, being weird, and making good art is vitally important to the community.

Currently, we have no theatre and we move from spot to spot, performing at any place we can find. While that sounds fun, we spend a huge chunk of our energy and time lugging equipment, setting up and taking down things like our stages, lights, sound equipment, curtain, seats, etc.  Plus, it makes it hard for audiences to find us.

We need a place to call our own...and we found a fantastic spot. A 3,000 square-foot space in the Starland District of Savannah. This building is an awesome blank slate that we can make into a versatile theatre, rehearsal area, bar, and workshop space, dedicated to growing affordable, high-quality improv theatre and comedy. What a time to be alive!

Are we going to stop there? Ummm, no!  FPI looks forward to supporting other artists in their creative goals. We’ll be booking other performers with fun, amazing, groundbreaking shows. Everything from a one-woman play to a Little Mermaid sing-along will be welcome in our space. Got an amateur wrestling team? Call Front Porch Improv and we’ll have a space for you to show off those sweet piledrivers. 

FPI will also have a dedicated workshop space where we can offer even more classes for adults and businesses than we do now. We plan to expand our programs to kids as well. We look forward to seeing all those tiny improvisors saying “Yes, and!” Moreover, we will bolster our efforts to have our performers and students represent the entire community here in Savannah by providing more scholarships to people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and the disabled, so that everyone has a chance to create.

Front Porch Improv believes that laughing helps bring people together. We have an amazing opportunity to move into our new space, 210 W Victory, and transform it into a hub for creative people here in Savannah. To realize that vision, though, we need your help and support.

Join us and help make Front Porch Improv’s vision a reality. When you contribute to our efforts, you will receive exclusive donation rewards — like an original song from our improv team, your own private improv party, or even your own personalized Savannah for Morons romper!