Donation Items

Front Porch Improv is currently building out a theatre space to call home with the intention to open in Spring 2020.
We are gratefully accepting donations to keep the cost of the renovations down! New or used items are accepted. To arrange a drop off or pick up, please email or call 843) 868-1553.
We are looking for the following items to be donated:
  • Urinal - Mansfield Cascade 410 UHE Urinal. Qty: 2

  • Sinks - Wall mount sinks or drop in sinks to be used in the bathrooms. Qty: 4

  • Fixtures to go with sinks. Qty: 4

  • Mini fridge, preferably under counter (2-3 ft tall, about 20" wide). Used would be great! Qty: 1

  • Stacking bar stools, 29"-32" Height. Qty: 4+

  • Bathroom Mirrors, Legally glass surface area must be at least 24"x36" - not including any frame measurements. Qty: 4

  • Primer - Indoor/Outdoor Acrylic Kilz Paint Primer. Qty: 5 gallons

  • Lockers, Any design, 4+ compartments. If rusty or dented, no problem!

  • Tile. Colors: Green, White, Pink, Grey. We can pattern out, so even just a small batch of them (20-ish) would be helpful!

  • Indoor Doors - Hollow Core or Solid, but solid is preferred. Can include glass inserts. Right Hang, In-swing. 36" wide x 80 " tall. Example: Door

  • Bar Mats, black. Qty: 2. | Example: Mat

  • Pendant Light Fixtures. Indoor. Prefer an Art Deco look but. Can be painted, condition can be well used

  • Trash cans of any size and color. For various rooms, including bathrooms (small), bar area (tall and narrow), theatre (large trash/cans)

  • Light Strings - Outdoor Rated Cafe Lighting - About 36-48ft+. Qty: 4 strands. | Example: Lights

  • Outdoor planters - Qty: 4. | Examples: Planter, Planter or Planter

  • Exterior Lights - 1. above or sconces on either side both doors. Qty: 2- 4. | Example: Lights

  • Acrylic Paint - for mural and walls. All color choices welcome.

  • Soap dispensers - prefer wall mount. Qty: 2.  | Example: Dispenser

  • Old Ipad - Qty: 1-2

  • Rolling cart for cords and gear. Not larger than one linked here: Cart

Expressing our deep gratitude in advance! Thank you!