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Join The Glamorous Singing Lunch Ladies as they trade in their spatulas for microphones and serve up a heaping plate of musical improv comedy that's hotter than yesterday's mystery meatloaf.


Watch as the kitchen transforms into a stage, and these apron-clad songbirds belt out improvised tunes about everything from sandwiches to forbidden romances with the janitor. With harmonies as tight as their hairnets, the Glamorous Singing Lunch Ladies will have you laughing so hard, you'll forget your lunch was supposed to be edible.

So, grab your drink and prepare for a “lunch break” you'll never forget – because when the Glamorous Singing Lunch Ladies take the stage, the only thing on the menu is laughter.


Cast: Assaf Gleizner, Brianne Halverson, Tegan Miller, Bess Ratsimbaharison

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