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Please keep in mind that: 

  • Each experience is tailored to what your group needs. Most experiences last 70-90 minutes but there is flexibility.

  • Our cast is professional & fun. We arrive on time, deliver an excellent experience & no two events are ever the same.

  • Your group is invited to participate & interact with as cast as much as they like! They are also invited to dress up but it's 100% optional. 

  • We bring our own cast costumes and clues.

  • .That pricing varies depending on the date, time, location and group size. Let's talk! 

  • This experience can be scaled to the size of your group.

  • Shows can be at your home, in a conference room, hotel room, at a venue, and even at our theater. All locations ideas are on the table.

  • We customize the content for your group. You can select a family-friendly, business-appropriate, PG-13, or R-Rated (no nudity, sorry!) experience.

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