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A Classic Murder Mystery Experience

There's been a murder and the killer is among us. Join us for a night of classic intrigue, discovery, seduction, and the most uproarious murder investigation that ever was investigated. You'll help solve the case, connect the clues, and deduce which loathsome partygoer should be cuffed and carted away. This is Blood, Actually - and everyone is a suspect.


80s Murder Mystery Experience

Grab your prom dress and that powder blue tux...and get ready to hang out with the Captain of the Football Team, the Geek, the Freak, and the sexy Cheerleader. Everyone is having a totally awesome night...until a body is found. At this prom, you help solve the case, connect the clues, and deduce which loathsome partygoer should be carted away in handcuffs — or elected prom king. This is Nightmare Prom, and everyone is a suspect.



50s Murder Mystery Experience

Jump into your hot rod, grease that hair back, and shimmy into a poodle skirt because gee-golly, a nifty party is going on...until a beatnik's dead body is discovered! You'll be the detective as you follow the clues, interrogate the suspects, and discover that not everything is as perfect as mother's gin martini. This is Leave It to Cleaver, where nothing is as swell as it seems.


Keep in mind that...

  • Each experience is tailored to what your group needs. Most experiences last 70-90 minutes but there is flexibility.

  • Our cast is professional & fun. We arrive on time, deliver an excellent experience & no two events are ever the same.

  • Your group is invited to participate & interact with as cast as much as they like! They are also invited to dress up but it's 100% optional. 

  • We bring our own cast costumes and clues.

  • .That pricing varies depending on the date, time, location and group size. Let's talk! 

  • This experience can be scaled to the size of your group.

  • Shows can be at your home, in a conference room, hotel room, at a venue, and even at our theater. All locations ideas are on the table.

  • We customize the content for your group. You can select a family-friendly, business-appropriate, PG-13, or R-Rated (no nudity, sorry!) experience.


70s Murder Mystery Experience

Strut, don't walk, to the dance floor, because disco fever has taken over Savannah! Will everyone be stayin' alive, or will this disco inferno result in death? Put on your bell-bottoms and perm that hair because you're about to be in the detective's chair. Follow the clues, interrogate the suspects, and discover who gave Travolta the Saturday Night Fever...permanently. This is...Death at the Disco!


Award-winning Actors & Improvisors

Created by four former New Yorkers living in Savannah, we have performed around the country (Chicago Improv Festival, New York SketchFest, and the DC Comedy Festival to name a few). Our crew has grown to include graduates of the Upright Citizens Brigade (NYC), People's Improv Theatre (NYC), iO (Chicago), The Groundlings (LA), and Theatre 99 (Charleston) — plus some exceedingly attractive homegrown talent.