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Front Porch's Scholarship for Diversity and Inclusion

(with influence and ideas from Dad's Garage Theatre Company)

Front Porch has a commitment to fostering diverse and inclusive perspectives in improv. We believe that our cast should reflect the wide range of voices that make up our amazing city of Savannah.


Please check our website for the dates of our class sessions. Scholarship applications are due at least one week before the start date of a new class session and announcements will be made before class sessions start.

We want to open the doors to improv comedy for everyone, regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, or nationality. We provide a safe, positive environment for everyone to explore improv. 

Applying for a Diversity and Inclusivity Scholarship is simple. Please answer a few questions. You can keep your answers brief. We simply want to know how you will bring a diverse perspective to our company, and why you are interested in being a part of Front Porch Improv. 

A scholarship gives you access to a Level 1 improv class at Front Porch Improv at 25 - 75% off depending on availability.

Students will be expected to start at Level 1, regardless of previous improv experience. 


Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship Form

Thanks for submitting!

We will be in touch soon!

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