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Nationally Touring Stand Up Comedians

Front Porch Improv and Savannah Comedy Underground present a late night maelstrom of comedy, A Slice of Stand Up!

Jeff Klein 

Florida comic who’s performed in the Pride Comedy Festival in LA, and Ft Lauderdale, and competed in the San Francisco Comedy Competition.  He debuted the one-man show “Beige Glitter: Gay but not good at it” ant Tampa International Fringe Festival as well as producing online series Outside a Comedy Club, Beer with a Queer, and Straight to Gay.  Starred in the independent comedy “55 and Older” and featured in other films like “Rough Cut” and “Out to Kill”.


Chris Isabella

Christopher Isabella Lamowitz is a comedian and generally nice man residing in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s been performing stand up comedy and creating videos for more than half of his life. He’s been very fortunate to open up for incredible acts such as Hannibal Buress, Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, and many others. As well as stand up, he’s an amateur animator, video director, and editor. Follow him along his journey @chrisisabella_.


Hector Benitez 

Hector Benitez is a comedian from Savannah, GA. 

Hosted by Brendan Townend.

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