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You already have improv experience and want to perform with us

We are often contacted by people who have previous improv experience asking us how they can audition and perform in our shows. We love working with new people and feel lucky to have so much talent in our community. The truth is that improv is an art form, and just because we can both play music doesn't mean we should be in the same band. Chemistry and trust are important; we value them implicitly.

At Front Porch Improv we are looking for a few key ingredients:

  • Fun! Can you be playful? Do others like being on stage with you? The answer should be YES.

  • Skills! Do you know how to initiate a strong scene? Do you know when to edit during a set? Have you performed The Harold in front of a paid audience? If someone 'tags you out' do you know what to do? Can you play both high and low status in a scene?

  • Kindness! We like to work with performers who are kind to their teammates and themselves, both on stage and off.

  • Reliable! We need to see you show up, be on time, and do what you say you're going to do. Trust doesn't happen overnight and we need to see consistency.

  • Community-minded! Front Porch loves the people of Savannah. We want to know and support our community. It's important to us that our performers do too.

A few ways for performers with previous experience to get involved at FPI:

  • Shows | Attend a FPI show - or three - and say hi each time. Let us learn about you. Hang out after the show and chat with us. We really appreciate improvisors who show up and support Front Porch. We support those who support us.

  • Volunteer | Theaters always need help and it's a great way to get to know the FPI team.

  • Take a class | Even if you've taken classes before, you can never practice the fundamentals too much. I've been doing improv for 20 years and I've taken Level 1 at least 7 or 8 times. We do cast performers from our classes. If you need a scholarship for a class tell us and we will try to help out.

  • Perform at Blind Tiger | 1-4 times a month we schedule a free show called Blind Tiger. This is a place for our students to gain experience and get up on stage. We routinely invite audience members to join us on stage if they want. Show up consistently to our Blind Tiger shows and let us see you in action.

  • Invite us to your show | Start your own improv group and practice together. Invite us to one of your shows in town. We will try our hardest to come!

  • Killer Resume | Do you have a killer improv resume? Come to a drop-in workshop and we will get to see your skills in action.

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