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Comedy Fest, We Love You

Thank you, Savannah, for all the amazing support and love that you gave to our 2nd Annual Savannah Comedy Fest this weekend! Seriously, now that I've had 3 days to sleep, I'm ready to talk about it without being totally sentimental.

Simply put, it was amazing to be able to bring some of our favorite groups in from all over the country to this beautiful city that we love so much.

We had Improvised Vacation from Dad's Garage! In my controversial opinion, watching them improvise an entire disastrous vacation on stage is better than any National Lampoon's movie I've ever seen. Seriously, they are just fantastic.

We had Potty in the USA! Stacia Marie Newcomb somehow managed to make poop jokes tasteful throughout her amazing variety show. When she used a toilet brush as a microphone, I pretty much died.

We had Centralia! Let me tell you folks, us improv nerds here at Front Porch Improv were...well, we were nerding out like crazy. Centralia has been doing their incredible, strange, phenomenal version of improv for 20 years, and it was an absolute honor to have them.

And we had Pimprov! Oh my god, Pimprov. Has anyone ever laughed as hard as I did at this show?! I highly doubt it. Also, they're completely lovely guys who also donate 10% of their proceeds to women's shelters, so dammit, they're just the best.

Oh, and I'd be remiss to forget our team at Front Porch Improv. It's amazing to see our team grow and do amazing improv on a weekly basis. We're thrilled to be part of the comedy community here in Savannah. It's been an amazingly special ride so far, and we're so excited for what's coming in 2018.

Finally, to our sponsors - Southbound Brewing Company, White Whale Craft Ales, Savannah Film Company, Film Biz Recycling & Prop Shop, Green Truck Pub, Foxy Loxy, Zunzi's, The Ordinary Pub, Treylor Park/Hitch - thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You gave us equipment, set dressing, food and drink for our performers, beer for our audience, and an amazing after party! We love you all.

Thank you ALL for coming out to see us, and keep on coming! 2018 is going to be our best year yet!

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