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Two New Ways to Perform this Summer

We have two new shows that we are launching this summer. If you're looking for ways to perform these may appeal to you.

Two improv teams will compete head-to-head to win the Improv Belt. The victorious team will be invited to return the following month to defend their title. The audience will have the exclusive power to determine the WINNER. 60 minute show. Depending on ticket sales it’ll run throughout the summer and fall. 

How to SubmitThink your improv team is up for the challenge? EMAIL -

Dates: Saturdays at 7pm - June 29th, July 27th, Aug 31st

The show will run at 7pm on Fridays or Saturdays twice a month with the first show on Saturday, June 22. Depending on ticket sales it’ll run throughout the summer and fall. 60 minute show.

Here’s what the revised B&J show will look like: 3-4 improvisers to perform in a Character Tag Out long form with BH and JB for 15 mins; one indie group invited to perform 15 min set; and Bri & John perform a two-person set.

Casting: How to be considered ...

* INDIE GROUPS: we will invite indie groups via The Pickle. We will watch The Pickle and cast from the groups we see. 

* INDIVIDUAL PERFORMERS: we will invite individual performers that we see in classes, jams, Pickles, Knockouts, etc. 

Other ways to perform at Front Porch Improv:

  • Drop-Ins

  • Jams (check our calendar!)

  • Classes and Class Shows

  • Speciality Workshops and Shows

  • Submit for The Pickle

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