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A Patrick Swayze mullet led me to improv

In 2008, I went to see a one man show performed at Theatre 99 in Charleston, South Carolina. As I watched this wild man throw himself across the stage for an hour as he acted out the funniest live show I'd ever seen, I knew I was in trouble. I liked this guy a lot. Maybe it was his mullet. Maybe it was his energy. Maybe it was his smooth Patrick Swayze looks.

John and I began dating soon after that show. I would come see him perform sketch shows and on improv teams 3 times a week, and I couldn't get enough. I was so stunned by the ability of the performers to make things up on the spot - I continue to be amazed by improvisers like John today.

We spent 4 years in New York City pursuing many interests, and I began to miss seeing him up on stage. It had become so much a part of my life to get to laugh at my husband, and I truly missed it, as did he.

Fast forward to 2014 - we found ourselves in Savannah, GA, purchasing a home to begin our slower lives in the South. It was close enough to Charleston to get our improv fix more often, but far enough away that we could forge our own path. However, life got in the way and we let a year go by without finding a place to do improv here in Savannah.

A week after our daughter was born, John realized he had to get back to improv. Nothing like the birth of a child to make you realize that life is short, crazy, unpredictable and NOW is the time to do what you're passionate about! The next week we started Front Porch Improv and found Brianne Halverson and Dan Gilbert - a powerful creative couple that could speak improv and had the drive and passion to join forces with us.

It's been 3 years since we first started and our small business is growing fast! We've gone from 1 show a month to 4 or more, and John and Dan have added Savannah for Morons, a comedy trolley tour, to the mix as well. We have gone from doing one corporate training workshop a year, to traveling up and down the coast for trainings throughout the year with companies like Terminix. We taught one improv class in our first year. In 2019, we've already sold out our second class. As we grow, some things stay the same - our main focus is still to become a home for comedy in Savannah, and to be a meaningful part of the community we have come to love so much. We have collaborated with incredible companies and charities throughout Savannah, and we are providing the audience with killer performances every week!

Life looks a little different now then it did in 2008...two kids, no mullet, and an overgrown yard I wish I had time to prune. But, the best part is getting to laugh at my husband in public again!

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