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FPI Audition info for this January

Hey friends, as mentioned previously, we are having a round of auditions this January. It's a good time for us to reconnect with Savannah improvisers and to meet some new ones.

AUDITIONS!! - Auditions will be on Jan 6th, from 10am - 4pm. We will be casting for Mainstage, Supporting and Guest Performers.

You can learn more about the what we are looking for HERE.

For the audition...

1) Please bring a believable and fun character that you can improvise in and maintain for 20 consecutive minutes. During your audition, your character will be accused of murder -- and you'll need to defend yourself, while looking incredibly guilty. (No need to bring/wear a costume unless it's fun for you.)

2) You'll be asked to perform in a set of 4 Questions. (Watch an example of 4 Questions!)

3) Please be on time. Wear clothes that you can move around in. Sneakers are highly recommended.

If you'd like to audition, PICK YOUR SPOT HERE!

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